Meatballs, not sausages…

Meatballs again today for treats, very tasty.  All of our walks were delayed today due to the inclement weather, because of this my normal listening of the Archers ( was interrupted with my furry big bummed brothers messing about, I normally like to lay on my lovely bed and listen to it on my own whilst they are out having their walk. 

What's for dinner Mum?

I very much enjoyed my walk, we went over to the park with lots of sniffing of the grass on the way, I did quite a large pooh on the way over much to my Mummy’s dismay, as she finds it hard to hold me with one hand and do the necessary picking up with the other!  Once around the field and then through the posh bit of the park where there are lovely flowers I am not allowed near.  I got oohhed and ahhhddd over by a lovely family which I just loved, then home through some of the lanes and streets as I need more practice street walking!   When I got in it was lovely, had a lay down on my bed and as the big bummed ones were tired out had a blissful afternoon of rest without them bothering me.  I have just eaten my yummy dinner which had salmon in it.


About bloodhoundscooby

One of a very few Bloodhounds in the UK, we are a unique sensitive beed. Think of me as the aristocracy of the hound world!
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