Writers Block is hard to bear.

Am hoping this writers block will leave me soon as I have so much to tell the world!

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 The fireside rug that Aunty Liane gave us a while ago is finally down and in place, I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time now as it looks very comfy.  I have been laying on it all morning to check that it’s ok.


My big bummed brothers have been laying on it too, but they have so much black fur it spoils the look of the rug and needs to be hoovered constantly.  I don’t mind that though as long as I have somewhere to lay in front of the fire for the upcoming winter months I’m hound happy!

It’s been a lovely day so far we have all been spoilt with eggs dogedict for breakfast, laying on the new rug near the fire and this afternoon we have our walks to look forward to.  Hooray – I love the weekends.
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Green Green Grass of Home

The night before the gardne was mowed.

Night before the mowing.

Grampa came round to mow the garden yesterday.  We were all so excited to see him, he’s a big tall man with hands the size of shovels.  Whilst the mowing was going on we were locked inside for safety’s sake, once it was over we were let out en mass – I kept jumping up on him because I love him so much (Mummy has no idea why as he never does anything for me), he couldn’t drink his glass of squash because of my shenanigans!! 

 It’s so much nicer now the grass and weeds are shorter, youngest big bummed brother can find his much-loved Kong (www.kongcompany.com) more easily.  He is obsessed with it and can’t relax if it is not by his side.  I swear he prefers it to treats. 
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Natural Yoghurt is good for you and YUMMY!!!

I’ve had a lovely few days, some really nice walks where I’ve met some lovely people, in particular we came across a lovely woman in an apron (the baking kind) throwing bread on the grass for the birds, she thought I was a very handsome hound and fussed me so much I got very excited and jumped up on her to give her a kiss!  Mummy pulled me off immediately and apologised for my bad behaviour – but I don’t care I’d do it again, all lovely ladies (especially the baking kind) deserve a big slobbery kiss.

yum yum!

 I got the yoghurt pot last night, youngest big bummed brother gave up on it so I got to finish it off!  I love it so much, we have it mixed up with scrambled egg in the mornings. 

 I’m trying to keep my ears clean whilst eating it as Mummy will give me a wipe over otherwise and once a day is enough for that.  I’m too busy doing hound things for that malarky.
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Meatballs, not sausages…

Meatballs again today for treats, very tasty.  All of our walks were delayed today due to the inclement weather, because of this my normal listening of the Archers (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/archers/) was interrupted with my furry big bummed brothers messing about, I normally like to lay on my lovely bed and listen to it on my own whilst they are out having their walk. 

What's for dinner Mum?

I very much enjoyed my walk, we went over to the park with lots of sniffing of the grass on the way, I did quite a large pooh on the way over much to my Mummy’s dismay, as she finds it hard to hold me with one hand and do the necessary picking up with the other!  Once around the field and then through the posh bit of the park where there are lovely flowers I am not allowed near.  I got oohhed and ahhhddd over by a lovely family which I just loved, then home through some of the lanes and streets as I need more practice street walking!   When I got in it was lovely, had a lay down on my bed and as the big bummed ones were tired out had a blissful afternoon of rest without them bothering me.  I have just eaten my yummy dinner which had salmon in it.

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My Saturday so far….

I love Saturdays, normally I get sausages but today due to the world shortage of sausages (or was it just my house) I got meatballs instead, just as yummy and I was as grateful as ever and I am pretty certain there are some left over for tomorrow.  I always get groomed on Saturday and today it was so relaxing, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to be confident enough to get right up onto the grooming table, for months I would only put my front paws on, but now I get right on up and love the massaging effect it has on my hound body.

Alright, Princess?

I’ve been passing the time of day with Princess today, she is finding this weather a little hot and tiring and says she is looking forward to it getting slightly cooler – yes us Brit’ pets are obsessed with the weather too, it’s not just the two leggers who love it!

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Sunday, Sunday, la la, la la la la la…….

What a weekend and it’s not even over yet, I defiled the kitchen on Friday evening (not my fault – I had a funny tummy).  My feeder was sweating her socks off cleaning it all up, she was muttering something about me having ablutions like a horse.   Because of this my bed which incidentally is a horses mat had to be taken outside and washed down so last night I had to sleep on the cold tiled floor – thank heavens my bed was dry this morning and it is now back in it’s rightful place..  

I listened to the Archer’s (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/archers/) omnibus this morning whilst laying on my nice clean bed whilst the furry big bummed ones were out for their walk, they came back all tired and soaking wet so they had been swimming somewhere.   My youngest brother is so fit – he probably did the most swimming while the other just observed!   I love them going because it means I can have some hound time, but love it even more when they come back as then it’s my turn for a passeggiata.  

I took my feeder for the usual drag over the park, then back near the grassy area near home after this we usually go home, not today we went a little further and did some street walking, I had some nice fusses of an older lady then came home feeling very good as she told me I was a very handsome dog!

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